The Oregonian Continues to Push Lead Ammo Ban

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July 1, 2014
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July 8, 2014 – by Dominic Aiello, President

The Oregonian Continues to Push Lead Ammo Ban

Is The Oregonian willfully publishing deceitful information in an attempt to sway public opinion on banning traditional ammo (lead ammo)? Only they can answer that, but the evidence surely points to yes.

On July 3, 2014, The Oregonian published an opinion piece from someone claiming to be an Oregonian and a hunter. That someone is Rene Tatro. Rene Tatro is an environmental lawyer from Los Angeles specializing in “toxic tort.” Don’t worry, I too had to Google the definition.

A toxic tort is a particular type of personal injury lawsuit in which the plaintiff claims that exposure to a chemical caused the plaintiff’s injury or disease.

Come to find out – by all professional listings – he’s not even an Oregonian! Let’s back up for a second, though. The original question was – “Is The Oregonian willfully publishing lies to sway public opinion?” You make the decision!

March 19, 2014 – “Should Oregon ban the use of lead ammunition? (Poll)”

Trying to sell the same sad and untrue story – that hunters’ lead ammo harms the California Condor – The Oregonian published a poll to survey readers on their support or opposition to a traditional lead ammo ban.


March 21, 2014 – “Poll results: Online voters give thumbs-down to banning lead ammunition”

The author, clearly upset the results did not end in her favor, closes her article with, “Let’s close this poll now and all try to get along this weekend, huh? Keep in mind, results are not scientific, simply an indicator of the nearly 4,000 who chose to participate.”

April 30, 2014 – “City birds, country birds suffer lead poisoning, Audubon Society of Portland study shows”

The same author of the previous two lead ammo articles (3/19 & 3/21) publishes a “study” from the Audubon Society, a group we previously proved has partnered with an anarchist non-profit that has been labeled terrorist by Oregon legislators. Even though California has already proved that removing lead ammo has failed to reduce lead poisoning levels in California Condors, The Oregonian and the author continue their crusade to portray hunters and lead ammo as killers of predatory birds.

The study tracks levels of lead in the blood of raptors, turkey vultures and ravens admitted to the society’s Wildlife Care Center in Portland, and of avian scavengers admitted to Blue Mountain Wildlife, a rehabilitation center in Pendleton.

Most birds with elevated lead levels were rescued and brought to the two care centers during late winter and early spring, the seasons that correlate with big-game and coyote hunting seasons and during which lead ammunition is discharged into the environment.

Conservationists are increasingly concerned about birds poisoned from ingesting lead fragments while feeding on animals killed with lead ammo, or on the gut piles left behind by hunters.

It is important to note that the study makes no scientific conclusion that lead ammo is the result of lead poisoning. Instead the Audubon makes a unscientific jump to a biased conclusion. This is hypocritical considering environmental groups are the first to say correlation is not causation, but that’s exactly what they’ve claimed here.

June 11, 2014 – “ODFW & Oregon State University Announce Hunter Survey on Lead Ammo Ban”

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and Oregon State University are collaborating on an effort to survey Oregon hunters about their use and knowledge of lead ammunition.

The random sample of 4,200 Oregon hunters will begin later this month and those selected should receive a letter from ODFW within the next two weeks. Oregon has approximately 250,000 hunters and the survey will include hunters from each geographic region of the state.

The use of lead ammunition has become a national issue because of impacts to wildlife and human health concerns, according to Ron Anglin, ODFW Wildlife Division administrator.

This could lead to an initiative or other efforts to eliminate or restrict the use of lead ammunition” – Dana Sanchez, an OSU Extension wildlife specialist and one of the project leaders

June 13, 2014 – “Oregon hunters being surveyed for attitudes about lead ammunition”

Now The Oregonian stopped asking if lead ammo should be banned and basically told hunters it WILL happen!

The end of hunting with lead bullets is on the horizon.

California’s ban, already in place in parts of that state, begins statewide in 2019, which leaves plenty of time to get the lead out/shot up. Other states have adopted voluntary measures and a ballot measure is afoot in Minnesota. Petitions have been filed with the federal Environmental Protection Agency to end the use of lead nationwide.

Oregon, where there is no proposal yet to ban lead for hunting, is nevertheless doing it homework. California’s ban was prompted by the recovery of the California condor – the species most susceptible to lead poisoning – and Oregon is on the condor re-introduction wish list.”

July 3, 2014 – “Lead ammunition should be phased out in Oregon: Guest opinion”

Now that they’ve laid the propaganda foundation,  The Oregonian steps it up with a “guest opinion” from a proclaimed Oregon hunter. The purpose of this propaganda is clearly meant to sway the general public and less informed hunters into thinking that Oregon hunters support banning lead ammunition.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 3.56.14 PM

Rene Tatro – HSUS Lawyer

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 3.56.21 PM

Ryan Tatro – HSUS Lawyer Claims to be a hunter and Oregonian

I was curious, what self-respecting Oregon hunter would sell out the rest of his fellow sportsmen and back a Humane Society of the United States proposal (the biggest anti-hunting group in the world). Naturally, I researched the name, company, and affiliations of the author.

Who is Rene Tatro?

Not only do I doubt Rene Tatro is a hunter, he is NOT an Oregonian. He is a lawyer representing the Humane Society of the United States! Maybe he has a second home in Oregon, but every professional website lists him as residing in Los Angeles where his law firm is based. He isn’t even a member of the Oregon bar!

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 4.03.20 PM

Instead of being truthful and admitting that he represents the organization on a national crusade to ban lead ammunition he pulls a typical HSUS move. Be deceptive and use whatever means necessary to dupe people into believing your story.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 3.41.29 PM

Rene Tatro’s Law Firm — Address in Los Angeles

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 4.46.32 PM

Humane Society of the United States List Rene Tatro as a “Council Member”

YOU Be The Judge!

Is The Oregonian perpetuating false theories, and purposely publishing false information in an attempt to sway public opinion on lead ammo?  I believe the timeline, facts, and information lead to one conclusion. It’s very likely that they are. Is that journalism or propaganda?

The REAL Facts!

  • California banned lead ammo in designated “condor zones.” Even though non-lead ammo compliance in the California condor zones was 99%, lead poisoning rates continued to CLIMB! This proves that hunters are not the source of lead poisoning in condors!

  • A study from 2008 by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on blood lead levels of North Dakota hunters confirmed that consuming game harvested with traditional ammunition does not pose a human health risk. Calls to ban or restrict the product by groups opposed to traditional ammunition, like the Peregrine Fund, and anti-hunting groups, like the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), are scientifically unfounded and nothing more than a scare tactic to advance their political agenda.
  • In looking more closely at the CDC study results, perhaps most telling is the fact that the average lead level of the hunters tested was lower than that of the average American. In other words, if you were to randomly pick someone on the street, chances are they would have a higher blood lead level than the hunters in this study! (Source – NSSF)

While the Humane Society of the United States continues to follow their “anti-hunting playbook” (read more about that here & here), worldwide, the truth about lead ammo is prevailing.

In the last month there has been a proposal put forward by the main party in Norway to repeal the ban on lead in shot, outside of wetlands and clay shooting grounds.

The ban, which has been in place since 2005, has been more than a sore spot to the hundreds of thousands of hunters in Norway, so it is good to hear that common sense and fact-led arguments have prevailed over the hasty and ill-motivated ban.

The Norwegians have concluded, following sustained lobbying from the Norway Hunters’ Association, that there is no evidence of any real harm from the use of lead in shotgun cartridges and they believe that none of the alternatives to lead ammunition are as effective.

Tell ODFW & Governor Kitzhaber NO Lead Ammo Ban!

Email Governor Kitzhaber ( and ask him why he is allowing an out of state special interest group (HSUS) to have a bigger say on wildlife and hunting issues than you! Remind him that the HSUS has recently been issued a “donor advisory” by the nation’s leading charity watch dog, charity navigator for violating the RICO Act!

Email ODFW Director Roy Elicker ( and ask him why he gives terrorists  and lawyers falsely claiming to be Oregonians more of a voice than you — the customer, the budget funder, the conservationist!

Happy Hunting!
Dominic Aiello Oregon outdoor Council
President, Oregon Outdoor Council