The Oregon Outdoor Council is Releasing Cougars in Portland?

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August 11, 2014
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August 20, 2014
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The Oregon Outdoor Council is Releasing Cougars in Portland?


August 16, 2014 – by Dominic Aiello, President

The Oregon Outdoor Council is Releasing Cougars in Portland?

That’s the claim; the Oregon Outdoor Council (OOC) is releasing captive cougars into metro Portland! In response to over a dozen cougar incidents in metro Portland this spring, and our continued coverage of the incidents, the Oregon Cougar Action Teams (OCAT) founder Jayne Miller claims the OOC has been releasing cougars into the district of a new politician in an effort to overturn measure 18 (the hound hunting ban).

Before you shake your head, laugh, and leave the article – stick around and read the rest of her … well… outlandish and contradictory statements. It’s well worth your time!

The first screenshot below is a comment Jayne Miller made on our article, Enough Deception: Does Oregon Have a Cougar Issue? Yes!


Lets break this comment down:

First Claim: Cougars in metro Portland are a Homeland Security Threat? We certainly agree that it is a public safety issue, but I don’t think we need to call in the troops! After all, I think our troops have enough to deal with already.

Second Claim: No one has ever been harmed or threatened by a cougar. Oh Jayne, you clearly didn’t read the article you posted this comment to. On April 1st in California a mother and her two small children were aggressively threatened by a cougar on a popular hiking trail…near an elementary school, and in 2004 in the same area a mountain biker was killed by a cougar.

Third Claim: The Oregon Outdoor Council is releasing domesticated cougars in an effort to pressure a legislator to overturn measure 18. Again, she clearly didn’t read our timeline of the cougar incidents, Cougars (Mountain Lions) in Metro Portland? Yes and Here’s Why! The cougars appeared all over metro Portland, not in one isolated area.

Fourth & Fifth Claim: Now she claims that Cougars appearing in metro Portland are not wildlife issues, but are political issues. This is absolutely a wildlife issue! At our recent predator symposiums in Albany and Pendleton, How Predators and Current Predator Management are Impacting Your Hunting Opportunity, ODFW and other state agency biologist dissected several studies that proved predators do negatively impacting our ungulate populations. The study also proved that our cougar densities are higher than nearly any other recorded data available, anywhere! This is absolutely a wildlife issue, but it’s also a public safety issue.

But Wait, There’s More!
The second screenshot, shown below, was posted to the Oregon Cougar Action Team Facebook page.



New Claim: That cougars are ending up in metro Portland because we clear-cut our forests? Wait, I thought she just said the OOC is releasing domesticated cougars. Which is it? Her argument here has one major flaw, timber harvest on Oregon’s federal forest has decreased by, in many cases, by 90% since 1994.

Brace yourself; her next claim takes her outlandishness to a whole new level!

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 3.06.31 PM

Attacks OOC: Like other radical groups, think Cascadia Wildlands – which has essentially said they wish the OOC would just go away, it’s not new for us to be attacked personally and organizationally. However, she ratchets it up a notch! She claims we are not based on sound science. She’s apparently purposely ignoring our science advisory board, and our work with reputable wildlife biologists from Alaska, Idaho, and Oregon.

She continues with the claim that we (OOC) are animal abusers! I’d like to see the evidence of that. Courts have already ruled that hunting is not animal abuse, and I own multiple pets none of which I’d ever considering abusing!

Apparently she didn’t know people actually eat cougar meat, because from the looks of the “!! ????”, she freaks out when she reads that we, and many other sportsmen, find cougar meat quite delicious!

I’m pretty sure she also accuses the OOC of killing cougars with cubs, selling them on the black market, and releasing them in metro Portland. What an outlandish and heinous accusation!


Attacks SCI: She claims that SCI has no sustainability, no humanity, and that there is no value of life in any SCI member! She also makes the claim that they’ve been “linked” to $25,000 worth of vandalism to her property. I imagine SCI will have something to say, so I’ll let them speak for themselves.

Why Does This Matter?
Does she sound like the voice of reason?
Does she or her organization sound like they should have a hand in policy?
Does she sound like she speaks for the majority of Oregonians?

Sadly it matters because several legislators give her opinion and voice more weight than yours! Click here to contact your legislator now and respectfully demand action on our cougar problem in the upcoming legislative session!

Happy Hunting
Dominic Aiello Oregon outdoor Council
Dominic Aiello, President

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