Survey Results: Sportsmen Speak Loud and Clear

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January 17, 2016
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Survey Results: Sportsmen Speak Loud and Clear


Survey Results: Sportsmen Speak Loud and Clear

By Dominic Aiello, President

Oregon is full of wonderful and successful pro-hunting conservation groups that do amazing work. From removing invasive species on public land to building guzzlers in drought-stricken areas, they have and continue to go great on the ground conservation work. However, the overwhelming majority of sportsmen won’t argue that there are many issues facing hunting and fishing in Oregon. An over abundance of predators, relentless lawsuits, a lack of proper habitat on federal land, just to name a few. How did we get here?

As a community, we failed to identify and adapt to an emerging threat to our lifestyle in the past 20 plus years. Radical environmental and anti-hunting groups using lawsuits and the emotions of uninformed voters through the ballot box to force wildlife professionals to make policies that are detrimental to our wildlife and our lifestyle. This is why the Oregon Outdoor Council was formed, to respond to this growing threat, and Oregon sportsmen and women overwhelmingly support this effort. Here’s what they had to say in our recent survey.

Please rank the importance of the following issues (top 3)

  1. Returning Hounds for Cougar
  2. Preventing/Fighting Wolf Lawsuits
  3. Poaching Enforcement

Do you feel that OOC is making a positive impact for sportsmen and women?

Yes: 89.02%

No: 2.44%

Maybe: 8.54%

Do you feel that OOC is effectively fighting misinformation by anti-hunting and environmental groups?

Yes: 75.61%

No: 3.66%

Maybe: 20.99%

Do you feel that OOC keeps you informed about important issues facing sportsmen and women?

Yes: 91.46%

No: 2.44%

Maybe: 6.10%

From all of us involved with the effort to restore the voice sportsmen and women deserve and protect our way of life for future generations…thank you for your unwavering support!

Happy Hunting, Fishing, and Trapping!


Dominic Aiello, President