Steven Rinella – MeatEater: Adventures of An American Hunter

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July 15, 2017
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November 13, 2017
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Steven Rinella – MeatEater: Adventures of An American Hunter


Between threats to public land, relentless lawsuits to prevent predator management, rising costs, and a range of other topics there’s an understandable angst within the hunting community.

Despite these issues, there is hope. Steven Rinella is an award winning author, podcaster, and host of Meat Eater, a hit TV show. Through his work, he showcases the health, conservation, and the economic value of hunting to the general public.

I recently had the pleasure to chat with him on a range of topics pertinent to the community. Here are a few highlights from our conversation.

With today’s growing urban and digital age, does hunting have a place today and why should a non-hunter support hunting?


Can you eat apex predators and is hunting predators different than deer or elk?


Are predator populations growing, does hunting threaten their sustainability and why does the media incorrectly label localized extirpation as endangered?


Where will our lifestyle be in 50 years? Do wildlife and conservation efforts need hunters and why?

You can see Steven Rinella live at our upcoming Predator Hunting Seminar on December 2, 2017 at the Holiday Inn Portland. Learn more here, or register below.

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Dominic Aiello


Dominic Aiello is an avid hunter, angler, and wildlife policy expert. He is the President of the Oregon Outdoor Council, Cabela’s Prostaff, and Outdoor Writer. Follow his adventures on Instagram @daiello91 or Twitter @HunterInformant