Sportsmen & women support cougar/bear management!

OOC Alert – Hearings on Cougar & Bear Management Scheduled – Be There!!!
March 28, 2013
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Craig Boddington for the Oregon Outdoor Council
April 2, 2013
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Sportsmen & women support cougar/bear management!

Testimony on the cougar/bear bills just concluded.

Support for the bills was overwhelming and only four people showed up to oppose the bills (Humane Society, Sierra Club, Cougar Protection). There were so many sportsmen and women there to support the bills they are going to have another hearing to get everyone in to testify. OOC President Stan Steele and past President Wayne Endicott testified as well as our partners at OHA, RMEF, OR Chapter of FNAWS, Leupold, OR State Granges, OR Farm Bureau, OR Cattlemen and more! Rep. Wayne Krieger stated that “the Oregon Outdoor Council is the strongest organization representing natural resource interests in Oregon.” This is a testament to our partners, their unwavering support, and all of you as members!!

It is imperative that you keep emailing the members of the committee especially Rep. Reardon and Unger to politely ask for their support!

Remind them that:

  • The ODFW will still retain control and implement harvest quota’s on cougars/bears regardless of how the animals are hunted or pursued.
  • Allowing the ODFW to utilize sportsmen and women to use dogs/bait will help gather more scientific data that will assist in refining population models for cougars and bears.
  • Over 19 years of scientific data has proven, as ODFW testified today, that predation from cougars is the leading cause for calf and fawn mortality in Oregon.
  • Contrary to the testimony of the anti-hunters, sportsmen and women are NOT poachers and have spent millions of dollars and volunteer hours protecting wildlife from poaching.


Email the committee members by clicking on their emails below:


Rep. Brad Witt,

Rep. Sal Esquivel, Vice Chair

Rep. Caddy McKeown, Vice

Rep. Brian

Rep. Wayne Krieger

Rep. Jeff

Rep. Jim

Rep. Ben

Rep. Gail