Sportsmen Beware, Anti-Gun SB 941 Set for a Vote in House!

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April 21, 2015
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May 31, 2015
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Sportsmen Beware, Anti-Gun SB 941 Set for a Vote in House!

April 29, 2015

Sportsmen Beware, Anti-Gun SB 941 Set for a Vote in House!

It’s one of the worst anti-gun bills being proposed in the United States right now. A bill that would require law-abiding gun owners like yourselves to get a background check from a gun dealer if you wanted to leave a gun in the safe-keeping of your hunting partner, borrow a gun for self-protection or even sell a gun to one of your lifelong friends.

Consider the implications of this rights-stripping bill. Your friend wants to borrow a hunting rifle. Sorry, have to drive down to the gun dealer and go through a background check to borrow it and when you return it. That is only if the Oregon State Police can manage to get you through their failure ridden background check system.

This anti-gun bill is nothing more than the result of hundreds of thousands of dollars poured into the state by Michael Bloomberg and his anti-gun machine to elect anti-gun legislators.  It was rammed through the Senate on a party line vote except for the lone no vote from the Democrat Caucus coming from our friend Senator Betsy Johnson.

The time to ACT IS NOW!!! According to our friends at the Oregon Firearms Federation & the NRA, it is imperative to focus our efforts on the following House Democrat’s as it is scheduled for a vote THIS MONDAY (5/4/15). The only way to stop this is with your calls and emails! Even the supporters of this bill admit that it won’t do anything to stop crime and is unenforceable.

Please call AND email the following Representatives and ask them to Vote No on SB941.

Tell them to “Please vote No on SB 941. It will do nothing to stop criminals from breaking the law and getting firearms illegally. It will only hurt law-abiding citizens who care about the law. This law will be unenforceable and is opposed by numerous law enforcement agencies across Oregon. Please stop attacking our way of life.”