Right to Hunt, Fish & Trap

Make it a RIGHT to Hunt, Fish & Trap

Though hunting, fishing & trapping has long been a part of America's heritage, the "right" to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife has recently come into question by many anti-hunting organizations. In order to establish what has been assumed for centuries, 17 states have secured amendments to their state constitutions that give citizens the right to hunt, fish and trap in a responsible, science-based, manner. We want Oregon to be next!!

Making it a RIGHT to hunt, fish & harvest wildlife would:

  • Preserve the state's power to regulate these activities for scientific - not political or emotional - reason.
  • Recognize hunting, fishing & wildlife harvest as a preferred means of managing wildlife in order to protect against dangerous contraception schemes and unwarranted use of government "sharpshooters."
  • Recognize the rights of an individual to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife.
  • Protect over $1 Billion Dollars a year spent by sportsmen and women in Oregon.
  • Protect over 15,000 existing jobs and allow the creation of thousands more.

The OOC has launched the process to have the a Constitutional Amendment for the Right to Hunt, Fish, and Harvest Wildlife on the 2016 ballot!

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