Predator VS Prey

Predator VS. Prey

Cougar & Bear Management

In 1994 animal rights groups struck a major blow to wildlife management when they successfully passed Ballot Measure 18. Measure 18 effectively stopped all bear and cougar management and was the catalyst for the largest reduction in elk and deer numbers along with hunter opportunity in Oregon history. Without the use of dogs to manage cougar and bear populations and the use of bait to manage bear populations we have seen both populations explode, leading to record high public safety complaints and attacks on pets and livestock.

For over 16 years we have fought hard to return responsible cougar and bear management to Oregon through the legislature, yet each attempt has failed due to partisan politics. With threats of veto’s from former Governor’s and a Senate that is more interested in raising taxes than they are protecting people, pets and livestock we have watched as year after year the problem has gotten worse. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has been put in the impossible situation of trying to manage cougar and bear populations without the most effective tools to do so.

Hunting is important to managing wildlife populations and allows state game managers to use scientific data to manage wildlife populations, yet animal rights groups have opposed any changes that would allow biologists to effectively do their job. Their opposition has put Oregon in a dangerous situation where cougar and bear sightings are now commonplace in Eugene, Bend and other heavily populated areas around the state. Cougars and bears pose a serious threat to humans, pets and livestock. If the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife isn’t allowed to manage their populations someone could get attacked or killed.

It is time to put cougar and bear management back where it belongs – in the hands of local biologists – not in the hands of politicians and animal rights groups.

Please join the Oregon Outdoor Council today and help us return bear and cougar management to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Wolf Management

The focus on cougar and bear management has become even more important as wolves from Idaho have continuously migrated to Oregon. Wolves have wiped out elk and deer herds in Idaho and have a current population growth of 24%. This means that the already suffering elk and deer herds in Oregon won’t last much longer with wolves. While the anti-hunters continue to litigate over any wolf management, sportsmen continue spending millions on real science based management. We can’t afford to let wolves go unmanaged in Oregon. According to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife the Imnaha pack of wolves in eastern Oregon have already killed 21 cattle and most recently a mule. Even though the Oregon Legislature created a compensation fund for farmers and ranchers the Governor has cut all funding leaving our friends in the ranching and farming communities paying the bill to feed wolves. Without the ability to effectively manage wolves Oregon’s big game herds will face an even worse fate than those in Idaho.

Enough is Enough!! Join the Oregon Outdoor Council today and help us tell the Oregon Legislature that wolves MUST be managed!