Oregon Representative Unacceptably Questions Sanity of Hunters and Anglers

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January 24, 2017
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Oregon Representative Unacceptably Questions Sanity of Hunters and Anglers


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In a recent Facebook comment regarding a bobcat hunting article in the Statesman Journal, Representative David Gomberg (D – Central Coast) inexcusably questioned the sanity of 703,000 Oregonians that support 14,769 jobs resulting in a $1.6 billion economic ripple effect.

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The article, Frozen and tired: the quest for mountain bobcat, is a narrative of a bobcat hunt in Central Oregon by the President of the Oregon Outdoor Council.

Hound hunting is often stereotyped by some members of the public as a lazy method of hunting. The article was written by the author to provide a glimpse to readers into the extreme effort and dedication that hound hunting requires.

“Despite the effort and dedication, some Oregonians may still disagree with the lifestyle of hounding, and that’s their right. However, the duty of an elected official is to represent all of their constituents,” says Stan Steele, Chairman of the Board for the Oregon Outdoor Council.

Representative David Gomberg’s district encompasses the Central Oregon Coast which is dependent on the commercial fishing industry, which results in killing fish. Additionally, many of Representative Gomberg’s constituents are dependent on or choose hunting to provide sustainable, free-range organic meat for their family.

Despite this, Representative David Gomberg’s actions show he is not capable of representing all of his constituents.

Instead, he has chosen to discredit and vilify a large portion of the people he is elected to serve. As protests across the state have demonstrated, hate, stereotypes, and the non-acceptance of differing lifestyles have no place in Oregon.

Representative Gomberg claimed on the Oregon Outdoor Council’s Facebook page that the post “was made by a family member.”

“Mr. Gomberg’s comment is eerily similar to Hillary Clinton’s ‘basket of deplorables’ comment during Mrs. Clinton’s bid for the Presidency, and that attitude has no place in Oregon,” Steele continues.

We do not accept Representative Gomberg’s attempt to pass responsibility for his unacceptable actions as an elected official.

Furthermore, the Oregon Outdoor Council strongly encourages Governor Brown, Oregon’s Democratic Party, and Representative Gomberg’s peers to immediately pursue corrective actions to assure the 703,000 Oregonians disparaged by Representative Gomberg that this attitude is not rampant within Oregon’s political system.