Oregon Outdoor Council Appeals Anti-Trap Measure to Oregon Supreme Court

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March 3, 2013
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March 20, 2013
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Oregon Outdoor Council Appeals Anti-Trap Measure to Oregon Supreme Court

On Thursday, March 7th, the Oregon Outdoor Council (OOC) petitioned the Oregon Supreme Court to review the certified ballot title associated with Initiative Petition #5, the initiative led by Trap Free Oregon and other anti-hunting groups that want to ban yet another critical wildlife management tool.

The certified ballot title reads,  “Bans commercial, recreational trapping; trading in resultant fur/body parts; poisoning mammals; body-gripping traps”. OOC attorney, Ross Day, submitted the petition on behalf of the OOC, for which our Board of Directors is truly grateful. To read our filing please click here.

The Attorney General has five days to file a response from the date that the petition was submitted, but can ask for an extension. After the AG files its response, we will have five days to submit a reply brief. The case will then be submitted to the Supreme Court, which can take as long as it likes to decide whether the ballot title is accurate or not. This process can take a week or several months. Trap Free Oregon cannot begin collecting the required 87,213 signatures needed to qualify the initiative for the ballot until the appeals process is complete and they have an approved ballot title. The longer the appeals process takes, the less time that Trap Free Oregon has to collect signatures.

The Oregon Outdoor Council will fight this ill-conceived ballot measure throughout the process. Oregon voters have twice rejected similar bans on regulated trapping, but the anti-hunters don’t care. They only care about their exploitation of wildlife for their own financial gain.

You can help us stop them. Join the OOC today for only $25!