Oregon Hunters and Anglers: What Do The 2014 Election Results Mean?

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October 22, 2014
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November 16, 2014
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Oregon Hunters and Anglers: What Do The 2014 Election Results Mean?

November 7, 2014 – by Dominic Aiello, President

Oregon Hunters and Anglers: What Do The 2014 Election Results Mean?

For the first time in Oregon’s history, Oregon’s anglers and hunters voice and political concerns were represented through the Oregon Outdoor Council Sportsman’s Defense Political Action Committee (OOCSD) during an Oregon election. As we all know, sportsmen issues are not partisan issues and the American public overwhelmingly supports sportsmen:

One nationwide survey found that 77% of adult Americans approve of legal hunting (45% strongly approve), while 16% disapprove (RM 2006c). Another nationwide study found that 75% of adult Americans approve of legal hunting (48% strongly approve), while 17% disapprove (RM 2003b)

Hunting Approval Oregon Outdoor Council

With such an overwhelming majority, it is clear that members from all sides of politics support our efforts. As a result, the OOCSD supported members from both the Democratic and Republican party. Unfortunately, anti-hunting environmentalists (think supporters of Oregon Wild, Cascadia Wildlands, Defenders of Wildlife, Humane Society of the United States, and others) spent more than $1.5 million dollars to suppress hunter, angler, and rural Oregonian voices. As OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting) pointed out:

Environmental groups are among the biggest spenders in this year’s state elections in Washington and Oregon, pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into campaigns to ensure Democratic statehouse control. – Billionaire’s Money Helps Enviros Spend Big On Northwest Races

Environmentalists spent more than $1.5 million in Oregon and Washington in bids to secure Democratic majorities in state legislatures — majorities they wanted for approving clean-fuel standards and a tax on carbon emissions. – Election Shifts Oregon Closer To Carbon Tax, Not So For Washington

Environmentalist Groups Are Not Anti-Hunting/Angling

Some less informed individuals may be asking, “Don’t environmentalists support legal and ethical hunting?” The answer is a very clear and resounding NO! As we previously pointed out in the “Oregon Hall of Shame: Killers of the North American Conservation Model” , environmental groups in Oregon are actually working against the North American Conservation Model (NACM). The NACM is the sole reason we have such thriving wildlife across the country today! It might also be worth pointing out, as we previously documented, these groups:

openly acknowledges their partnership with a domestic terrorist* group that advocates arson, burglary, murder, fire bombing, sabotage, and much more! –  Anti-YOU: Environmental Groups in Oregon Partner with Domestic Terrorists!

2014 Oregon Election Results – What Do They Mean?

Now with all of that said, legislators that support hunters and anglers rights lost in the 2014 Oregon election. The Senate, which has historically been the bottle neck for pro-sportsmen legislation, lost at least (at the time this was written) 1 pro-sportsmen legislator and a second is still being counted.

The bright side is that the federal election fared much better which may result in improved forest management, protection of traditional ammunition, and more. From a state level this does not mean all is lost, but it certainly makes the fight that much more difficult. Rest assured that as much as we desire it to be true, ultimate success is not reached overnight. This was only the first election of many to come where the sportsman’s voice will continue to grow and will reach a point where it can no longer be ignored! You can help right now for only $25 by standing with me, the rest of our members, and partner organizations by joining the Oregon Outdoor Council today by clicking here!

Happy Hunting
Dominic Aiello Oregon outdoor Council
Dominic Aiello, President

P.S. If you want your voice as a hunter, angler, or trapper, there is no other group in Oregon working more aggressively to make your voice heard. Stand with us for only $25! Click here to join.