OOC’s Cougar Bill Passes Oregon House of Representatives!

Contact Your Legislator NOW to Vote Yes on HB 2624
April 21, 2013
OOC Request’s Meeting with Senate President Courtney
April 25, 2013
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OOC’s Cougar Bill Passes Oregon House of Representatives!

For Immediate Release

April 23, 2013

House Bill 2624, the Oregon Outdoor Council’s cougar management bill, just passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 40 in favor and 19 opposed. This monumental vote brings Oregonian’s one step closer to being able to vote locally and decide if they want the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to allow the use of dogs for cougar management. Unfortunately, there were 19 members of the Oregon House who opposed not only letting voters exercise their right to vote, but also opposed common-sense cougar management.

We have to give special thanks to Representatives Brian Clem, Sherrie Sprenger, Brad Witt, Sal Esquivel, Wayne Krieger and a lot more for working so very hard on this legislation to get it passed. Also, a big thank you to all of our partner organization and companies for helping us get the word out!

The next step for HB 2624 is to the Oregon Senate where it will be completely up the Senate President Peter Courtney to either assign it to the committee on Rural Communities and Economic Development where Sportsmen Caucus Co-Chair Senator Arnie Roblan chairs the committee and will give the bill a hearing or the the Senate Environment & Natural Resources Committee where anti-hunting chair Senator Jackie Dingfelder will predictably never allow a hearing or a vote on the bill. If the bill gets assigned to Senator Dingfelder’s Committee it will be a sure sign that once again anti-hunting interests in the Oregon Senate will do anything they can to further hurt rural Oregon communities, big game management and the safety of our families that have to live with cougars on a daily basis.

Please use our Contact Your Legislator page and send every Senator an email asking for their support of HB 2624.

Below is a list of all the Representatives and how they voted on HB 2624.

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