OOC & Partners to Meet with Senator’s Courntey/Dingfelder on Cougars

OOC Request’s Meeting with Senate President Courtney
April 25, 2013
OOC Testimony on HB 2624A to Senate Environment Committee
May 22, 2013
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OOC & Partners to Meet with Senator’s Courntey/Dingfelder on Cougars

The Oregon Outdoor Council and our partners from Leupold, Benchmade Knives, OUSDA, RMEF, OR-FNAWS, OHA and SCI are set to meet with both Senator Peter Courtney (Senate President) and Senator Jackie Dinfelder (Chair of Senate Environment & Natural Resources) on Thursday May 16, 2013. The intent of these meetings is to present the case for HB 2624A, OOC’s bill that would give local voters a voice on how they live with mountain lions/cougars. The group will be asking for both Senators support for the bill and will hopefully be told the fate of the bill.

Remember, last session Senator Dingfelder killed a similar bill that would have helped solve the cougar management crisis. Will she do the same thing this session? Will she stand in the way of allowing a full vote on the Senate floor? Is it fair for one person to stop a bill that has overwhelming support in the legislature? The OOC will publicly report on our meetings as soon as possible after they have concluded.

Sportsmen and women across Oregon are demanding answers and accountability from Oregon Legislators on this issue. The Senate has consistently supported giving voters local control this session, but has ignored the cougar management problem. The OOC does anticipate a public hearing on HB 2624A in the coming week, but without a work session the bill could be dead.

Please call Senator Peter Courtney at 503-986-1600 and ask if he will support HB 2624A by helping to get it to the Senate floor and voting Yes on the bill.

Please also call Senator Jackie Dingfelder 503-986-1723 and ask her to schedule the bill for a work session and to vote Yes on the bill.