ODFW: Wolves Are Not Hurting Deer & Elk Populations

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September 28, 2014
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ODFW: Wolves Are Not Hurting Deer & Elk Populations

October 15, 2014 – by Stan Steele, Chairman of the Board

ODFW: Wolves Are Not Hurting Deer & Elk Populations

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This past Friday (10/10/14) in Central Point, at the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission meeting, ODFW staff Wolf Biologist Russ Morgan stated that there was very little impact to Oregon’s elk herds from the rapidly expanding wolf packs in Eastern Oregon. The Oregon Outdoor Council has been repetitively ignored by ODFW staff when inquiring about the impact that Oregon wolves are having on our elk herds and our hunting opportunities. While looking at the pictures above, provided by Steve Alder of Idaho for Wildlife, remember that a pack of six wolves were responsible for the killing and waste of this Idaho elk herd. With six wolves devastating this elk herd in a two month period, what scientific basis does Mr. Morgan have to say Oregon’s rapidly expanding wolves are having “very little impact to Oregon’s elk herds?” Clearly, ignorance is bliss!

ODFW is ONLY Monitoring Livestock Depredation
While livestock depredation is a very important component of wolf management, hundreds of thousands of Oregon hunters also feel that our once iconic deer and elk herds and our hunting opportunities are also important and that hunters are being purposely left out of the legislative and administrative wolf management discussions.

The Oregon Outdoor Council is determined to inform Oregonians about, as Paul Harvey would say, “the rest of the story.” Oregon sportsmen and sportswomen and our wildlife need your help. As the ONLY 100% political based pro-hunting organization in Oregon we’re fighting several anti-hunting politicians and organizations (as shown in our “Conservation Hall of Shame“). We need your support if we’re going to win this war.

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I promise you that I attend more committee meetings, one on one meetings with legislators, and ODFW meetings than any other individual in Oregon…all for you, all for free! If you’re tired of the Humane Society of the United States and other groups making anti-hunting policy in Oregon you must join the Oregon Outdoor Council today! It is absolutely critically important.

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