ODFW Issues Cougar Warning in Lincoln County Oregon

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ODFW Issues Cougar Warning in Lincoln County Oregon

November 16, 2014 – by Dominic Aiello, President

ODFW Issues Cougar Warning in Lincoln County (Rep. David Gomberg’s District)


The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) is encouraging Lincoln City residents to be watchful for one or more cougars in residential areas following at least four unverified reports of cougar sightings. – The News Guard, November 14, 2014

Cougar attacks


The OOC finds it highly ironic that Lincoln City and Lincoln County in general are experiencing a sudden rash of cougar sightings and that the constituents of State Representative David Gomberg are becoming increasingly concerned about the safety of their children, livestock and pets.


Hypocrisy or Blissful Ignorance?
In the 2013 Oregon Legislative Session, Rep. Gomberg testified and voted against the Oregon Outdoor Council’s House Bill 2624A which would have allowed for science-based management of  Oregon’s rapidly expanding cougar population Apparently, Rep. Gomberg does not think that his geographic legislative area, District 10, which includes the Alsea (18), Stott Mt. (17) and Trask (14) Wildlife Management Units and stretches from Waldport to Tillamook, has a cougar problem.  Rep. Gomberg evidently is either blissfully ignorant or purposely turning a blind eye that parts of his legislative District have had one of the highest administrative removals of cougar in Oregon over the last 5 years and that the Northwest Oregon Cougar Management Zone reached its cougar harvest quota in 2013.


Rep. Gomberg’s letter (see below) to his constituents states that he believes in public safety, supports small farms and livable neighborhoods. We have to question his sincerity given the issues his constituents (especially small farmers) have faced as a result of his inaction on this issue. Here is a prime example of the issues that continue to haunt constituents in his district:


Pam Welch is afraid to let her 4-year-old daughter play outside after finding four sheep and one alpaca dead — with deep lacerations on their necks — on the family’s 100-acre working farm in Summit.
“I am losing sleep trying to keep watch over my flocks every night,” Welch said. “We’re building new fencing, and we’ve moved all of our animals closer to the house. Nothing is working. What are we supposed to do now?” – Corvallis Gazette-Times, October 15, 2014


Rep. Gomberg is absolutely correct, “these are challenging times” and our question to him is simple;  Are you going to stand up and support your constituents or continue to support out of state anti-hunting groups such as PETA and the Humane Society of the United States? We encourage him to support the use of the best available tool (hunting dogs) to scientifically manage and control the cougar population in your district!


Let Rep. Gomberg know how you feel about professional wildlife management, his contact information is listed below.


Representative David Gomberg (D) – District 10 – Central Oregon Coast
Capitol Phone:503-986-1410
Dear Friends and Neighbors,
It is a real honor to represent the Central Oregon Coast and the communities of the Coastal Range. This is a remarkably beautiful place, and it is no surprise that the rest of Oregon comes to our district to play, vacation and relax. Like many of you, I’m a small business person. And like you, I believe in working hard and playing by the rules. Small business is a constant theme here. And whether you own or work for a bed & breakfast, a fishing boat, a restaurant or on a small farm, you know that creativity and industriousness should be recognized, empowered, and rewarded. That’s how we create jobs on the coast! During these tough economic times, creating jobs and providing help for working families will continue to be my top priorities. I remain committed to adequate funding for education, health care and public safety. I believe in good schools for our kids and grandkids, livable neighborhoods and independence for our retired neighbors and that good transportation networks are critical for our economic health. You will find me a particular supporter of community colleges, the small business development centers and of “buy local”. Those tools will help us help each other to thrive. These are challenging times. It will take all of us working together to put Oregon back on the path to economic prosperity. Your input is very important. I am committed to listening to YOU and to working for YOU. Please use the links on this page to keep in touch.


Representative David Gomberg


Happy Hunting
Dominic Aiello Oregon outdoor Council
Dominic Aiello, President
P.S. Learn more about the continued cougar sightings in urban areas of Oregon: