Fight Against The Anti-Lead Ammunition Crusade!

Up to 59% Decline in Hunter Participation!

Lead Ammunition Ban is Anti-Hunting

According to a survey by Southwick Associates, Oregon can expect the following if lead ammunition (traditional ammunition) is banned:

  • 59% of Oregon hunters will quit or reduce their hunting participation
  • Ammunition prices would spike by a minimum of 284%
  • Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife revenue would decline by an estimated $1,700,000
  • Overall conservation dollars would decline by $630,000

What is the Oregon Outdoor Council doing to Combat the Traditional Ammunition (Lead Ammunition) Ban?

  • Filed a Public Records Request with Oregon Zoo and Metro Regional Government to Prove Anti-Hunting Groups Pushing Anti-Lead Crusade
  • The only pro-sportsmen group sitting on the hiring committee with the Oregon Zoo for their new “Lead and Wildlife Outreach Coordinator Position” to ensure the most unbiased candidate is selected
  • Has coordinated a bill to be introduced in the 2015 legislative session banning the ban of traditional lead ammunition

Help Us Fight The Legal Battle Against The Anti-Lead Ammunition Crusaders!

We are committed to taking any legal measure necessary to ensure Oregon's government agencies do not achieve their anti-hunting & anti-lead ammunition goals! But, we need your help!
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