Never before have sportsmen organizations been organized in a way that recognizes each groups unique contributions to conservation while at the same time working together with one common political agenda. Working together the OOC keeps elected officials at every level informed on issues important to sportsmen and women. Our purpose is to make sportsmen and women a powerful political voice by organizing all conservation organizations with Oregon's outdoor sporting good manufacturers. Individually we are weak, but together we are strong!

Our Priorities:

  • Amend Oregon's Constitution and make it a RIGHT to Hunt, Fish & Trap.
  • Allow counties to have public votes to allow the use of dogs/bait for cougar & bear management.
  • Oppose any attempt by anti-hunters to ban or restrict trapping.
  • Defeat any legislation aimed at taking away our Second Amendment & Oregon Constitutional Rights.
  • Manage all predator populations in a science-based, not emotional, manner. This includes managing sea lions, cormorants, coyote's, foxes, bobcats, bears, cougars & wolves.
  • Get Oregon's Governor to appoint a independent review board to evaluate ODFW's management of fish & wildlife.
  • Protect your rights!

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