Last Chance to File Your Comments on Anti-Trapping Measure is Today!

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December 22, 2012
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Last Chance to File Your Comments on Anti-Trapping Measure is Today!

Last Chance To Make Your Voice Heard!

Anti-Trapping Ballot Measure

Comments Needed! Deadline is today!

Today is the last day to submit your public comments on the Draft Ballot Title for Initiative Petition #5, which seeks to ban trapping and the fur trade in Oregon.

The Draft Ballot Title is: Bans trapping, poisoning animals; trading in fur/body parts of trapped animal; body-gripping traps

Please, make your voice hear and submit your comments before it is too late!

It is too late to submit your comments by mail. If you submit comments today, please do so by fax or in person no later than 5 PM. Postmarks do not count, and emails are not accepted. Remember, only those that submit public comments can appeal the Certified Ballot Title when it is announced in med-February.

Fax your comments to: 503-373-7414


Deliver your comments to:
Kate Brown, Secretary of State
Elections Division
255 Capitol Street NE, Suite 501
Salem, OR 97310

Suggested Comments

In consultation with OOC legal counsel, we have drafted suggestions on what to include in your comments. At this time, your comments should focus on the ballot title and not the provisions of the measure itself.

Please consider these suggestions when preparing your comments. Use those comments that reflect your personal or organizational interests. The items in bold are critical.

  • Identify who you are, THAT YOU ARE AN OREGON ELECTOR, and/or represent and why this issue is important to you and/or your organization.
  • The proposed ballot title identifies numerous topics. It is not descriptive of a single topic ballot measure, as is required by Article IV, Section 1(2)(d) of the Oregon Constitution, which states that “An initiative petition shall include the full text of the proposed law or amendment to the Constitution. A proposed law or amendment to the Constitution shall embrace one subject only and matters properly connected therewith.”
  • The ballot title mentions trapping, poisoning, trading fur/body parts, and a specific type of trap. Clearly, the ballot title embraces more than a single topic.
  • The ballot title does not accurately explain or mention the permitting process established by the measure.
  • The ballot title does not explain or describe the signage requirements within the measure.
  • The ballot title states that the measure bans poisoning animals, but does not reflect that poisoning animals is already illegal under Oregon law.
  • The ballot title does not state that the measure allows poisoning of animals in certain circumstances.
  • The ballot title does not reflect changes to current law regarding animals causing damage on private property.
  • The ballot title does not reflect the measures preemption of federal law relating to predator control measures.
  • The ballot title does not reflect changes to existing law relating to proving animal problems or the relating non-lethal control measures required under the measure.
  • Make certain that your name, address, and signature as well as the date are included on your letter.
  • Please make a copy of your letter for your records and email it to in addition to sending it to the Secretary of State’s office.

These suggested comments are meant to achieve the greatest possible impact at this stage in the process while steering us towards the ultimate goal of defeating this proposed measure.

The full text of IP #5 is available at:

About the Petition Process

The petition was filed by Trap Free Oregon, an activist group financed by deep-pocketed animal rights organizations from across the country. Trap Free Oregon had to submit 1,000 signatures to receive a Draft Ballot Title.

Now it is our turn to comment on the Draft Title. Based on the comments received, the Attorney General will release a Certified Ballot Title in mid-February. At that point, we will be able to appeal the Certified Title to the Oregon Supreme Court. This appeals process can delay the petition by months. Only once Trap Free Oregon has an approved title can they begin collecting the 87,213 required to qualify the initiative for the ballot.

Thank you for your help on this important issue. Please be looking for future correspondence from the Oregon Outdoor Council, and be sure to sign up as a member for only $25.