How To: Predator Hunting 101

*****SOLD OUT*****

Learn How To Successfully Predator Hunt

Presented by: FoxPro
Sponsored by: Plano
Saturday, December 3 starting at 9:30 am
Washington County Fairgrounds

The day includes 4 seminars by some of the best Oregon has to offer in:

  • Spring Bear Hunting Tips & Techniques by Heather and John Aldrich
  • Successful Cougar Hunting Tactics by Scott Napoli
  • Getting Started Trapping by Doug Nichol, Oregon Trappers Association
  • Successfully Calling Coyotes by John Brody (Rusty)

Lunch is included.

****SOLD OUT****

Auction & Raffle Sneak Peek:

  • Card Draw Raffle: Remington .243 w/Cabela’s scope & Flextone Electronic Predator Call Package!
  • Bean Bag Toss Raffle: A hound bobcat hunt – you can harvest a bobcat if you obtain the proper licenses and tags from ODFW or you can tree and take photos of multiple bobcats!
  • Guess the Amount Raffle: Trapping Start Kit includes 2 hide stretchers, predator bait, 3 various traps, and a trapper’s basket!
  • $1 Mystery Raffle: I can’t tell you what’s inside!

By attending you’re learning to be a better predator hunter AND helping to:

  • Restore Balanced Predator Management
  • Prevent a Trapping Ban
  • Restoring Sportsmen & Women’s Voice in Oregon Politics
  • Fighting the Anti-Hunting Agenda
  • Restore our Deer & Elk Populations
  • Permanently Protect Hunting, Fishing, and the Harvest of Wildlife