Cougar & Bear Management


Let county voters decide if they want dogs or bait used to manage cougar & bear - Not Just Portland!

HB 2624 would:
  • Allow county voters, not just Portland voters, decide if they want dogs or bait used in their county.
  • Require a public vote AND action by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission prior to dogs or bait being used.
  • Give the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife the ability to use dogs & bait, but not mandate it.
  • Put cougar & bear management back in the hands of local wildlife biologists where it belongs.
  • Help restore elk & deer populations to meet ODFW set Management Objectives.
  • Increase hunter spending in local communities by increasing hunting opportunities.
  The Facts: without the use of the only effective cougar & bear management tools the ODFW has been forced to pay government "sharpshooters" to kill cougars and bears because they pose a serious threat to livestock, pets and humans. Voters who live in areas directely effected by the cougar and bear management problem overwhelmingly support letting county voters decide if dogs or bait should be available to local biologists in their areas. - Let Them Vote! Read HB 2624 (will open a new window)

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