Contact Your Legislator NOW to Vote Yes on HB 2624

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April 11, 2013
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April 23, 2013
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Contact Your Legislator NOW to Vote Yes on HB 2624

The Oregon House of Representatives will be voting THIS WEEK on HB 2624 which will allow county voters to have a public vote and allow the use of dogs for cougar hunting. The bill specifies that ODFW is still in control of all wildlife management, but allows those affected to have a vote.

Please take a couple minutes and email ALL House Members by visiting the Oregon Outdoor Council “Contact Your Legislator” page. There will be a drop down list of members and you only have to hold control/command down so you can click on each member to add them to the list with ease.

The email is already written, but we strongly encourage you to edit it and make it your own email. Be RESPECTFUL please.

Also, please take the time to call and ask the following legislators to vote Yes on HB 2624. If they are not there, just leave a respectful voice mail. If you talk to a staff person just relay the message to them. It is important these people receive A LOT of phone calls.

Rep. Jules Bailey – Portland                             503-986-1442
Rep. Deborah Boone – Cannon Beach            503-986-1432
Rep. Jeff Barker – Aloha                                    503-986-1428
Rep. Shemia Fagan – Clackamas                     503-986-1451
Rep. Joe Gallegos – Hillsboro                           503-986-1430
Rep. Chris Gorsek- Troutdale                          503-986-1449
Rep. Alissa Keny-Guyer – Portland                503-986-1446
Rep. John Lively – Springfield                         503-986-1412
Rep. Jessica Vega Pederson – Portland           503-986-1447

Taking the time to contact everyone via email and the Representatives above via phone will make the difference!


Jerod Broadfoot – Executive Director