Anti-YOU: Environmental Groups in Oregon Partner with Domestic Terrorists!

Dominic Aiello President Oregon Outdoor Council
“Proof Predators Impact Hunting in Oregon” on The Northwest Outdoor Show
June 29, 2014
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July 9, 2014
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Anti-YOU: Environmental Groups in Oregon Partner with Domestic Terrorists!

Cascadia Wildlands and Oregon Wild are allies with domestic terrorist

July 1, 2014 – by Dominic Aiello, President

Anti-YOU: Environmental Groups in Oregon Partner with Domestic Terrorists!

Cascadia Wildlands, Oregon Wild and domestic terrorist partners

Domestic terrorist* group illegally hangs banner from Oregon capital. (AP Photo/Statesman-Journal, Danielle Peterson)

As a hunter in Oregon, you’re probably frustrated. Frustrated because hunting in Oregon, overall, is in the dumps. In 2012 western Oregon bowhunters enjoyed an amazing 13% success rate! Oh wait – it gets worse. In 2012 western Oregon elk hunters achieved an astonishing 8% success rate! That means an overwhelming majority – 92% of western Oregon elk hunters – were unsuccessful. There is no doubt that you would be frustrated. It is no wonder that while nationally hunting participation is on the rise, here in Oregon it continues to drop. With odds like we have here in Oregon, you can’t blame anyone for giving up! We spend thousands on license and tag fees, buying gear, target practice, travel expenses, and time off of work! We spend so much that sportsmen have a $1.6 BILLION dollar economic impact. Imagine the impact we COULD have if hunting was great!

While many, including me, place a lot of blame on the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (with good cause) they’re not solely to blame.

Why Is Success So Low?

Oregon's wolves are hurting hunters

  • Oregon’s Blacktail deer population has plummeted by 33% since 1970
  • Oregon’s Mule deer population has plummeted by 28% since 1980
  • Oregon’s Cougar population has exploded by over 100% since 1994
  • Oregon’s Wolf population has exploded by over 300% since the end of 2009
  • Oregon’s federal land timber harvest has declined by up to 90% in many areas since the 1970’s
Northwest forest plan negatively impacts blacktail deer and hunter harvest

Blacktail Deer population and hunter harvest has declined as the Northwest Forest Plan has severely limited forage and habitat.

All of these factors impact our success.

As predator populations expand, more deer and elk are utilized to feed predators and less to feed Oregon’s hunting families. Studies have proven that timber harvest (early seral habitat) is the ideal forage for our deer and elk. While timber harvest on federal land has declined,  predator populations have increased. The result? Our deer and elk have declined severely.

ODFW Proves Timber Harvest Critical For Deer & Elk

2008 Blacktail Deer Management Plan – ODFW proves timber harvest critical for deer & elk populations

Does this concern you? It should, because it’s only getting worse!

Who’s Causing These Trends?


Cascadia Forest Defender illegally barricades herself to a forest vehicle.

The short simple answer is national and local environmental groups.

“Okay, how are environmental groups the cause of this decline?” That’s a valid question, and sadly you’re not alone in asking. Far too often I receive similar questions, such as:

  • “Don’t environmental groups and hunters have a lot in common?”
  • “Doesn’t protecting our forest protect hunting?”
  • “How are environmental groups anti-hunting?”
  • “Why don’t hunters and environmentalists work together?”

As the average hunter you simply want to enjoy the treasures and bounties our lifestyle affords. Environmental groups have capitalized on this understandable attitude. The reality is, in this day and age of constant and relentless attacks you must be more active in the long-term protection of our lifestyle. Hence, why the Oregon Outdoor Council was formed.

The anti-sportsmen environmental groups in Oregon have been very good at spinning their efforts in such a way it appears they are neither pro-hunting or anti-hunting. However, wouldn’t you agree that actions speak louder than words? To prove these groups are anti-hunting, let’s look at “What you have done for me lately?!” Here are the 4 Oregon Environmental Groups that are Anti-YOU!

Oregon Wild

Oregon Wild is anti-hunting

Environmental groups sue over timber harvest because they THINK it MIGHT be near wolf den!

According to the story told since I’ve been in Oregon, Oregon Wild was initially founded by four elk hunters that wanted to ensure they had beautiful places to hunt. Seems like a fair cause! I want to ensure we have places to hunt as well. What this organization has morphed into couldn’t be any further from their roots. Oregon Wild has become, whether directly or indirectly, a major anti-sportsmen group in Oregon and here’s how:

  • Oregon Wild has not proposed a single legislative item in recent history that would directly benefit sportsmen or ungulates
Oregon Wild Personifies wolves

Oregon Wild personifies wolves to prey on the emotion of urban Oregonians.

  • Oregon Wild is a major proponent of the Northwest Forest Plan, implemented in 1994. The Northwest Forest Plan reduced timber harvest on federal land by over 90%. This has cause a drastic reduction in early seral habitat for deer and elk. ODFW’s blacktail deer and elk management plans detail is the forage of utmost importance for viable ungulate populations. This has caused a decrease in hunter harvest on federal land.
  • Oregon Wild has sued the state and federal government agencies over the removal of problem wolves
  • Oregon Wild has sued to halt logging because they THINK that logging MIGHT be near wolves
Oregon Wild is anti-hunting

According to Oregon Wild ONLY predators are part of Oregon’s wildlife heritage!

  • Oregon Wild refused to support increased logging on a PORTION of federal lands in western Oregon in trade for TEN additional wilderness area designations and wild and scenic river designations
  • Oregon Wild has and continues to work for increased road closures on public land
  • Claim cougars “need our help”

Portland Audubon Society

Portland Audubon Society is anti-sportsmen

Portland Audubon is against any avian predator management and supports a lead ammo ban.

  • Along with the other groups, the Portland Audubon Society is a major proponent of the Northwest Forest Plan
  • Even though Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife estimates that up to 66% of our outgoing salmon smolts, in some waterways, are eaten by avian predators the Portland Audubon Society opposes cormorant predation management
  • Support a re-introduction of the California Condor, which is the reason behind the next bullet point
  • Support a traditional ammo ban (lead ammo ban)
  • Partners with group labeled as domestic terrorist* by Oregon legislators

Cascadia Forest Defenders


Cascadia Forest Defenders advertises anarchy, illegal acts, doesn’t believe in private property rights and advertises themselves as partners of Cascadia Wildlands & Portland Audubon Society.

Oregon Wild is partners with domestic terrorist group

“We will not respect property lines” — Is this the voice of reason?

Cascadia Forest Defendersis a terrorist group

More illegal acts from Cascadia Forest Defenders

Cascadia Forest Defenders Terrorist Manual

Domestic Terrorist* “How To” Manual Sold For a Profit

  • They are not Oregonians, they are anarchist from around the United States
  • Have been called domestic terrorist by Oregon legislators*
  • Opposes any public land timber harvest
  • Will illegally squat on public land barricaded to trees to prevent timber harvest
  • Illegally repelled and hung a banner from the Capital building in Salem in opposition to logging
  • Trashed the forest following an illegal “tree sitting” on federal forest with 4 truck loads of garbage including “rotting food, human waste, abandoned tarps and wooden platforms”
  • Sell for profit a terrorist* “How To Manual”
  • Supports arson, burglary, murder, fire bombing and more as acceptable methods to attempt to halt any practice they disagree with

Cascadia Wildlands

Cascadia Wildlands is partners with domestic terrorist group

More proof Cascadia Wildlands is partners with a domestic terrorist* group.

  • Cascadia Wildlands openly partners with Defenders of Wildlife, Center For Bio Diversity, Cascadia Forest Defenders (labeled a domestic terrorist* group by Oregon legislators), Oregon Wild, Trap Free Oregon, Portland Audubon Society, and many other anti-sportsmen groups.
  • The Executive Director of Cascadia Wildlands was employed by Defenders of Wildlife during the re-introduction of the wolf in the lower forty eight states.
Cascadia Wildlands is anti-hunting

Opposed to spring bear hunts, but claim they’re not anti-hunting!

Cascadia Wildlands is anti-trapping

Cascadia Wildlands encouraged people to support a trapping ban in California!

  • Cascadia Wildlands is against bear hunting in Oregon
  • Along with the other groups, Cascadia Wildlands is a major proponent of the Northwest Forest Plan
  • Cascadia Wildlands has attacked pro-sportsmen bills to allow sensible cougar management in Oregon. Even though some of these bills received super majority bipartisan support and were endorsed by the Oregonian!
  • Cascadia Wildlands openly acknowledges their partnership with a domestic terrorist* group that advocates arson, burglary, murder, fire bombing, sabotage, and much more! All while they attempt to vilify Oregon sportsmen groups as morally bankrupt!
Cascadia Wildlands partners with Animal Liberation Front

Cascadia Forest Defenders, Cascadia Wildlands, and Portland Audubon support imprisoned domestic terrorist* including arsonist, burglars, fire bombers, murderers, and more!

  • Cascadia Wildlands supported a trapping ban in California
  • Cascadia Wildlands was caught fabricating lies in an effort to discredit the Oregon Outdoor Council
  • Cascadia Wildlands continues to call pro-sportsmen groups in Oregon “radical” or “fringe” groups while they support illegal actions!

As a result of these actions and others, our predator populations continue to grow, timber harvest is at all time lows and, our ungulate numbers continue to decline. Do these groups sound like they speak the voice of reason for the majority of Oregonians?

“The fact that you have, and I will call them terrorists, going out and stopping a public process and timber operations, I think it should be a crime,” Freeman said.

Obviously domestic terrorist groups and their allies do not represent the majority of Oregonians’ views!

Ask Governor Kitzhaber & ODFW!

Email Governor Kitzhaber ( and ask him why this group, that has been labeled terrorists by his peers, is allowed to operate in Oregon and why he gives these groups more of a voice than you!

Email ODFW Director Roy Elicker ( and ask him why he gives these groups more of a voice than you — the customer, the budget funder, the conservationist!

Happy Hunting!
Dominic Aiello Oregon outdoor Council
President, Oregon Outdoor Council

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