2014 Oregon Outdoor Council Election Guide, Vote Pro-Sportsman

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October 15, 2014
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2014 Oregon Outdoor Council Election Guide, Vote Pro-Sportsman


2014 Oregon Outdoor Council Election Guide

Vote Pro-Sportsman


Uncle_Sam_(pointing_finger)The Oregon Outdoor Council is an in-state grassroots organization of sportsmen and women united to promote, enhance and defend our traditional outdoor heritage sports of hunting, fishing, trapping and shooting.

For the first time in recent Oregon history, a pro-sportsmen’s rights organization, the Oregon Outdoor Council’s Sportsman’s Defense Political Action Committee, is issuing an election guide endorsing political candidates whom hunters, anglers, trappers and shooters believe will best represent and protect our shared cultural interests and proud conservation heritage at the State Capitol. It is arguably more important today than at any other time in our state’s 155 year history to support and elect public officials who understand that they are in Salem to equitably and truthfully represent their hunting, fishing, trapping and shooting constituents.

The following endorsements were developed by the Oregon Outdoor Council’s Sportsman’s Defense Political Action Committee.  While you cast your ballot, keep in mind the common thread we all share as outdoor enthusiasts and remember, “United We Stand – Divided We Fall.” Fellow sportsmen and sportswomen, please join us in supporting the following candidates on Election Day, November 4, 2014.  The future of our valued outdoor traditions may very well depend on the political choices we collectively make today!

Federal Elections

2nd Congressional District: Greg Walden

5th Congressional District:  Kurt Schrader


Oregon Governor

Rep. Dennis Richardson


Oregon Senate

District 3: Dave Dotterrer

District 6: Sen. Lee Beyer

District 7: Sen. Chris Edwards

District 8: Sen. Betsey Close

District 10: Sen. Jackie Winters

District 11: Patti Milne

District 13: Rep. Kim Thatcher

District 15: Sen. Bruce Starr

District 16: Sen. Betsy Johnson

District 20: Sen. Alan Olsen

District 26: Sen. Chuck Thomsen


Oregon House of Representatives

District 1:  Rep. Wayne Krieger

District 2:  Dallas Heard

District 3: Carl Wilson

District 4: Duane Stark

District 6: Rep. Sal Esquivel

District 7: Cedric Hayden

District 9: Rep. Caddy McKeown

District 11: Andy Petersen

District 14: Rep. Val Hoyle

District 15: Rep. Andy Olsen

District 17: Rep. Sherrie Sprenger

District 18: Rep. Vic Gilliam

District 19: Jodi Hack

District 20: Kathy Goss

District 21: Rep. Brian Clem

District 22: Rep. Betty Komp

District 23: Mike Nearman

District 24: Rep. Jim Weidner

District 26: Rep. John Davis

District 27: Rep. Tobias Read

District 29: Mark Richman

District 30: Rep. Joe Gallegos

District 31: Rep. Brad Witt

District 32: Rick Rose

District 34: Rep. Chris Harker

District 35: Rep. Margaret Doherty

District 36: Rep. Jennifer Williamson

District 37: Rep. Julie Parrish

District 39: Rep. Bill Kennemer

District 40: Steve Newgard

District 43: Rep. Lew Frederick

District 51: Rep. Shemia Fagan

District 52: Rep. Mark Johnson

District 53: Rep. Gene Whisnant

District 54: Knute Buehler

District 55: Rep. Mike McLane

District 56: Rep. Gail Whitsitt

District 57: Rep. Greg Smith

District 58: Greg Barreto

District 59: Rep. John Huffman

District 60: Rep. Cliff Bentz

These endorsements were developed by the Oregon Outdoor Council’s Sportsman’s Defense Political Action Committee.